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"Forbitswap has built an AMM DEX where all the native Ethereum tools are available, more importantly, the operation costs are only a fraction of the cost of the Ethereum mainnet.

  • forbitswap AMM DEX has the ability to provide liquidity and swap any tokens on ERC20, liquidity mining incentives, and a simple and intuitive Ul, as well as to transfer any asset from Ethereum to NEAR through Aurora VM using the Rainbow Bridge.
  • forbitswap AMM DEX is a multi-chain DEX that focuses on making trading safer and more efficient.
  • forbitswap is the best alternative for those that are looking for a user-friendly DEX experience, and to easily swap and provide liquidity to ERC-20 tokens.
  • forbitswap AMM DEX is for any trader who is looking for an optimal UI/UX and tools that allow a safer and smoother trading experience.
  • forbitswap AMM DEX enables users to easily become a liquidity provider and swap any ERC20 token for tokens based on NEAR.

With innovations in interoperable blockchains, investors in the DeFi space can seamlessly exchange assets and the value of their financial service protocols across different multi-chains. The blockchain trilemma (i.e., decentralization, security, and scalability) forbitswap protocol offers address with a cooperative multichain model that is expected to supercharge capital optimization liquidity, in a secure and flexible manner and DeFi yield opportunities in crypto."

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