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DeepGreen Carbon Credits

DeepGreen Carbon Credits (DeepGreenCC) brings transparency to the market of private carbon compensation. This market will grow vastly this year as the German government has made yearly carbon reports mandatory and with growing pressure to become and stay ESG compliant, more and more companies are forced to invest in carbon-neutral production. Since only very limited regulation has been built around the subject, the race is on to build the most customer friendly and trustworthy solution. With NEAR protocol we will replace trust by the blockchain and thus see ourselves in a strong position to become the market leader in the field of carbon compensation.

Why should companies use DeepGreenCC?

  • Our customers will be able to receive a Non-Fungible Token for every report issued through our platform. This NFT contains all the data required to backtrack every ton compensated through our projects, and thus creates a trustless relationship between the stakeholders and our customers.
  • Companies can leverage blockchain technology for creating a trustless relationship with their customers without going through the hassle of creating a blockchain account and securing access to it. We host the NFTs for everyone to see them and offer Blockchain exploration to prevent fraud and double spending.
  • NEAR Protocol uses sharding and proof-of-stake consensus, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains on the market. This for us is very important given the nature of our business.
  • With the NFT smart contract NEP-171 being immutable, transparency is not reversible and modifying data later is impossible, just like carbon emissions and compensation. Given these characteristics, we think blockchain technology fits our business and requirements very well.

DeepGreenCC Features:

  • Register as a customer with the Company that wishes to compensate carbon emissions using DeepGreenCC
  • Register associated companies in order to use Certificates bought with another business.
  • Buy Carbon Credits from a selection of high-value carbon compensation projects.
  • Use Carbon Credits purchased previously to issue a CO2 Report. Upon us accepting the report creation, we mint a NFT on the NEAR blockchain for everyone to see and verify the compensation through the high-end technology of a distributed, trustless system.
  • View the projects and details included in your report, download the report and project pages for customer relations.

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