LearnNEAR.Club LNC Weekly Update – September 5, 2021

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Brief Summary:

  • LNC NEAR Certified Developer L1 Chinese community Demo Day was Hu-u-u-u-u-ge!


  • August Demo Day  – 9 demo projects – check these 9 repositories at https://github.com/Learn-NEAR-Club
    $NEAR600 were sent to demo projects developers

    digital-war bim.near, teiteii.near
    rhythm4nft hiphop200x.near, paulwu.near, abort.near
    nft"}”>picture nft hiphop200x.near
    near_contract_rust-did lk2684753.near zcsl_zoe.near
    near-tree-hole alansh.near
    nft-market jiahong.near, wisarmy.near, csp.near
    Nep-141 payment sharkme.near, bhc8521.near
    vote-demo brefchan.near
    phone_book jialeieos333.near chenbaler.near
  • Weekly LNC Beta Testing Results – 13 LNC Beta testers received 5$NEAR, that83.near got 10 $NEAR for the best feedback! Way to go!

  • You may try NEAR Messaging System – NMS – app (Alpha version) https://nms.kiemtienonline360.com/  works best with our Telegram bot https://t.me/LNC_testenet_watcher_bot
  • Check new Guide What You Can Do On The NEAR Protocol?

Challenges & Blockers:

  • Looking for more learning materials from NEAR Ecosystem

Action Items:

  • LNC projects portfolio is coming!
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