Partner Redeem nLEARNs to Meta

In order to participate in Partner Redeem nLEARNs to $Meta, Learn NEAR Club (LNC) Member shall confirm:

  1. Joined LNC at least 4 weeks ago
  2. (L)Earned at least 1 nLEARN a WEEK since previous Redeem Window - stay ACTIVE
  3. (L)Earned at least 64 nLEARNs since previous Redeem Window - stay ACTIVE
  4. Never participated in "bad" activities - jumping from Step to Step without Learning a thing
  5. Have enough amount of nLEARNs at the account
  6. Own (L)Earner NFT if redeemed 2 times or more
  7. Explore learning Guides about MetaPool
  8. Leave a cool comment at one of the Metapool guides and make a screenshot
  9. Follow @meta_pool  at Twitter
  10. Tweet your screenshot with this text  "(L)Earning with @meta_pool is fun and rewarding!"
  11. (L)Earner NFT holders have 2 hours priority access to Redeem
  12. This time we cap the priority access by 90, the rest  10 will be available at 9 am ET to everyone. This way seems to be more fair  - recently joined learners get a chance to redeem too.
  13. For security purposes number of participants is limited to 100 for this Redeem Window so please act in timely manner.

The Redeem Window opens for 12 hours starting June 23. Please expect to process the $Meta tokens within 2 business days.

Happy (L)Earning!

This event finished please wait for new announcements
Total redeems: 100!

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