Weld Money

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"Weld Money is a modern fintech project already creating a revolution in finance and payments today. Weld Money implements a payment solution for recurring daily expenses with minimal fees backed by any crypto wallet.

It is obvious today that the traditional financial system is entirely obsolete. And cryptocurrencies, digital assets considered modern, are not used in everyday life due to a number of problems users face (high commissions, verifications, etc.). The key to solving this problem was the concept of Weld Money, developed by Alexey Meretskiy, Alexey Bobok, and Iryna Lorens.

The global goal of Weld Money is to connect the world of cryptocurrencies with the world of traditional fiat finance. Weld Money is a transparent bridge between two worlds. All this became possible thanks to the product Weld Money – the weld card.

the indisputable advantages of weld card are:
payment with stablecoins at all points of sale using Apple/Google Pay
the ability to use crypto assets when paying in online stores
balance control of all digital assets in one mobile application or website account (NFT, donats, other next-generation digital assets)
cashback program
the ability to choose a bank in different jurisdictions for opening an account
minimal fees for payments
additional benefits for investors in the WELD token

Deregulation and decentralization are what really drive user engagement and continued growth. Weld Money today is a modern digital payment provider for the post-fiat era."

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