Tristan Metaverse

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"Tristan Metaverse is a social media integrated, planet-themed open Metaverse with infrastructure to engage massive Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0.

Based on its revolutionary Meta Wallet infrastructure with ambition of bringing into web 3.0 the convenience and user-experience from web2.0 social media, the players will be able to launch Tristan games by command line or simply clicking on a web-based dApp link in Telegram or Discord community, without going through the sophisticated web3 authentication process.

The sandbox RPG main game Tristan Survival will be officially launched in Q2 2022 with simulation, PvE, PvP and user generated instance. More themed game planets will be introduced around three type of openness for UGC, PGC and 3rd party communities in 2022, connecting to the main game.

Tristan Metaverse has received investment from Ascensive Asset, Fundamental Labs, Spark Digital, Waterdrip Capital, Vendetta, Lucidblue, METIS Genesi DAC and granted by NEAR foundation, Polygon and signed a MOU with METIS Foundation to introduce its innovative account system and games into the above ecosystems.

There will be a series of cooperation between Tristan and other blockchain projects, especially the interaction with social media and Web 3.0 accounts."

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