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Quidli is building solutions that drive more inclusion in the future of work, starting with making employee equity distribution easier. We’re big proponents of enabling doers to become owners. And so today our focus is on helping small businesses manage and share their equity with their workers without wasting a lot of time and or money.

Quidli is a micro-incentive rewards application for teams and individuals alike.

Quidli is a low cost, high reward project for the Ecosystem at large: It will offer a new way for teams and individuals to compensate one another quickly and easily. On NEAR, Quidli will increase the scope of usability of the $NEAR token.

Once NEAR tokens are added, Quidli will be able to integrate with present and future dApps as well as existing DAO infrastructure to add micro-rewards as an ‘option’ for ecosystem development going forward.

As a service, Quidli will offer a beneficial opportunity for new teams, guilds and DAOs in the NEAR ecosystem to compensate and reward different team members or contributors.

Micro-transactions for low fees, demonstrate the capacity of the NEAR blockchain to quickly and cheaply handle low cost transactions. Using Quidli as a case-study, the Ecosystem will be able to recruit other like minded projects into the future.

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