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How to use NearScanner:

To view the top collections, navigate to the Collections tab, you can search through and sort the 300 available collections based on their market cap ranking whenever we last checked.

To set alerts, connect your wallet to confirm your NEAR username, join the discord to be able to receive DMs (direct messages) from the alerting bot. Click on Alerts and set the parameters of the alert you’d like. Click activate to turn the alert on.
For now you can only have 10 alerts that are active at a single time, we aim to provide much more flexibility in the near future.

Tracking and Security:

NearScanner uses tracking tools to optimize and monitor the product’s performance using privacy friendly tracking such as Plausible Analytics. NearScanner also offers NEAR wallet connection to authenticate logged in users and to ensure alerts are being fairly used cross platform.There will never be any situation where NearScanner will use any funds from your wallet.Always vet tools including NearScanner before you take actions. Always review the confirmation page on NEAR making sure to review wallet integrations permissions before you accept them.

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