To Share and +4 nLEARNs is NEAR Account Marketplace. It allows you to sell, bet and buy NEAR Account names.

Founders, to allow you to find brilliant account names and place them onto the market for selling.

Believers, to participate in finding fair price, taking rewards for your faithful evaluation and wisdom.

Claimers, to obtain perfect account names for inner usage, personal collection or further resales.

Initial placement costs 0.3 NEAR + ~1.6 NEAR to deploy a locker contract. (The system expects at least 2 NEAR in available balance). Initial claim price is 2.5 NEAR. There are two operations available:

Place a bet. This costs half of the current price (starts from 1.25 NEAR at initial state). The payment goes to previous believers, and the price increases for x1.2 times.

Claim an account. This costs full price. You need to wait 72 hours to make sure no one wants to bet on the account. If someone will bet within 72 hours, you will receive all your funds back plus forfeits paid by believer who bets. If no one will bet, the account is totally yours, congratulations!

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