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"Cypherock X1 is the World’s safest web3 wallet.

Here are the key differentiations –

  1. 10x more security than what any other Crypto wallet offers today. This is possible since Cypherock X1 never stores the private keys itself in a single place.

  2. No need to store the wallet seed phrases on a piece of paper and making it susceptible to loss and theft of the funds.

  3. Inheritance service for Crypto without compromising on privacy and control of the assets.

  4. Using the same product to secure seed phrase of your other wallets, essentially like a Forget password button for web3. This is possible since unlike other wallets which provide one wallet account per hardware, Cypherock offers up to 4 wallet accounts per hardware.

  5. Save NFT artists from giving away their seed phrase to random strangers on the internet."

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