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"Btoring is a decentralized application, that sees a future where everyone can invest and participate in the development of SMEs and create a more fair and accessible financial system. One of the purposes is to promote business succession, access to business capital and digital management. Thanks to Tokenisation, successors will have access to capital to buy their first enterprise and companies to business capital to further grow and expand.
On the one hand, Btoring will provide SMEs and Successors with the technological and economic tools to overcome the difficulties of raising capital and of equity and dividend management. It creates the opportunity of succession flexibility and additional freedom of choice. And on the other hand, Btoring will provide the investors with access to unique opportunities to invest in SMEs that otherwise would be precluded. Moreover, it will give them opportunities to invest across borders, have a real impact on the economy, become a fractional owner and receive dividends in return (high ROI).
With all the current existing technologies, investment opportunities should be accessible to all, without borders nor capital limits."

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