Africa Blockchain Incubation Program

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"In February 2021, we launched the Africa Blockchain Incubation program to spark creativity and ideas implementation around Distributed Ledger Technologies, currently missing or insufficiently present in the African Local Innovation and Entrepreneurship Landscape, starting with “MADE IN RWANDA” Edition.

We initially focused on Rwanda, being our base of operation, and aside from us, there are no other local or indigenous Blockchain Companies or StartUps in the country. So, in order to savage this situation, we primarily focused on Rwanda to give enough attention to local startups and onboard them to the use of Blockchain Technology.

It is based on the success of the initial incubation program that we gradually expand the program in reaching two additional African countries, which is, Egypt, and Zimbabwe. These countries were strategically selected as a result of our extensive research on available resources, enabling environments, and ability to thrive beyond the incubation program.

Qualified candidates will undergo a structured 4-Month course of workshops, training, mentor sessions and community events, and connect and support through facilitating connections with investors and leading Blockchain Experts.

The incubation program will support and develop these solution-turn-to-Start Up in growing their business, strengthening their commercial viability and increasing their competitiveness in domestic and international markets."

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