Learn NEAR Club Pro Peer Review

This a very minimum requirement to get your NEAR project ready for Mainnet launch.

Rewards in NEAR tokens processed via projects DAOs. Check an example.

Featured LNC Pro Reviewers

How it works

Runs on-demand, by your LNC peers – NEAR Fortified Developers, with a goal to check if the project is built according to best practices and eliminate possible flaws and issues before launch on mainnet.

Done by LNC NFDs

LNC Pro Reviewers are experienced NEAR Fortified Developers who loves NEAR and USE NEAR.

Friendly Process

LNC Pro Peer Review is done internally at LNC.
So you do not have to perfectly polish your code, comments and docs to be ready for 3rd party.

Cost Efficient

Security audits of blockchain projects are very costly – starting from $20K.
With LNC Pro Peer review projects pay directly to your Peer (L)Earner.

Reviewed Projects

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