LNC Pro Authors Guide requirements

LNC is community learning platform so we are focusing on the content that helps learners to acquire new knowledge and skills related to web3 and NEAR.

  1. Please explore a couple of Guides here
  2. Recommended length: 5-7 reading minutes
  3. Guide shall include in-guide mini quizzes to help learners to comprehend major concepts
    Usually we have 2 multi-choice and 2 True/False questions
  4. Guide shall have a LNC branded feature image. Find LNC logo here
    Recommended size 1200×536 pixels
  5. Login to LNC website with your NEAR account to be added as Author. As LNC Pro Author you will be able to get nLEARNs for viewing your content including quizzes.\
  6. Mint your self a (L)Earner NFT and set is as profile pic
  7. Join LNC Telegram group
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