How we use Sputnik DAO at LeanNEAR.Club

LNC Pro Translate

There are TWO levels of DAO in use:

Mother DAO and the following subDAOs:

Look at Mother DAO as a Client/Funder, subDAOs as a Contractor and subDAOs members as Subcontractor.

Let’s take a look at how it works for community translation. A guide Top 3 NFT Projects On The NEAR Protocol needs to be translated in Vietnamese.
SubDAO members submit proposals for translation and review.

Then one of them submitted a consolidated proposal to the Mother DAO with subDAO as funds receiver

Once the work is accepted and translated Guide is published subDAO members split received funds as per proposals submitted earlier.

For possible conflict resolutions, Mother DAO member acts also as Voting Member at ALL subDAOs.


For pricing we use Open Web Sandbox table for reference with $NEAR=USD$2.5 on July 30, 2021 :
4.Content Translation and Subtitles:

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Translating and sharing with relevant community/social media(Work with social media, guilds, and other NEAR communities to translate content for specific audiences. Provide Data and metrics on the success of the content.) A tweet/small post/message A Piece of NEAR related ContentTranslating NEAR Web Materials and Developer MaterialsTranslate the entire document of NEAR documentation into another language 1 NEAR(per tweet)6 NEAR (per 500 words for NEAR-related content )10 NEAR (per document for developer materials) Distribution bonus 8 NEAR (30+ likes on Twitter for the write-up, one-time bonus

Example for calculations:

A source guide is 1,500 words. As per Open Web Sandbox recommendations:

Consolidated Proposal [Translator + Reviewer]  = 1,500 words X $NEAR6/500words [at 1$NEAR=USD2.5] x rate Correction Coefficient= 30 $NEAR [at 1$NEAR=USD$2.5] x rate Correction Coefficient

So now we need to apply the $NEAR/USD$ coefficient.

Say, at the moment of proposal the AVERAGE 7 days 1$NEAR=USD$10.

That means that rate Correction Coefficient should be 0.25 and total

Consolidated Proposal [Translator + Reviewer]=30 $NEAR [at 1$NEAR=USD$2.5] x 0.25= 7.5 $NEAR [at 1$NEAR=USD$10]

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