FLASH Cyber Monday Redeem Window

In order to participate in 🤖 Cyber Monday Redeem Window, Learn NEAR Club (LNC) Member shall confirm:

  1. Being an active LNC member for at least 60 days
  2. (L)Earned at least 64 nLEARNs since previous Redeem Window - stay ACTIVE
  3. Never participated in "bad" activities - jumping from Step to Step without Learning a thing
  4. Have enough amount of nLEARNs at the account
  5. For security purposes number of participants is limited to 50 for this Redeem Window so please act in timely manner.

The Redeem Test Window opens for 50 (L)Earners only!

Once summited your offer please let us 24 hours to process it and expect funds credited to your NEAR account by EOD December 2nd.

Next Redeem Window is scheduled December 15th, 2021.

Happy (L)Earning!

This event finished please wait for new announcements
Total redeems: 50!

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