NEAR Protocol Ecosystem: validator

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Prophet One

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR Prophet One is a Blockchain Infrastructure Company focusing on PoS networks. We are currently operating an Chainlink Data Feed Operator and a NEAR Protocol Validator.

Open Shards Alliance

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR “GuildNet is the first decentralized shard enabled NEAR network. Our mission is to test experimental features of NEAR and contribute to the overall ecosystem.”


To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR Staked operates the most secure, performant, and cost-effective block production nodes for decentralized PoS protocols on behalf of institutional investors. Our multi-tier signing and listening node architecture delivers stakeholders the ideal combination of security, scalability and decentralization. Staked helps institutional investors reliably and securely compound their crypto …

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To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR Everstake is Your Social Staking Platform. Everstake helps institutional investors and regular token holders to profit off their crypto assets. We operate in a wide range of Proof of Stake blockchains, providing our customers with numerous options to choose from. Pick the most promising projects, delegate with …

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