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Near Mexico Guild

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR"COMUNIDAD DE NEAR MÉXICO Somos un grupo de entusiastas Mexicanos conformados por distintos perfiles profesionales: creadores, colaboradores, emprendedores e iniciales los cuales tenemos como objetivo la difusión y apoyo en el trabajo de la tecnología blockchain. Si quieres pasar un buen rato compartiendo y aprendiendo conocimiento te invitamos …

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Near Malaysia Guild

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEARWe will be spreading the adoption of NEAR and blockchain technology in Malaysia by working mainly on two fronts : education & social events.


To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR“Supporting NPO/NGOs with fundraising ideas to develop a sustainable income for all parties concerned.”

Arroz Criativo

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEARArroz Estúdios association is a non-profit organisation based in Beato, Lisbon. We provide working space for emerging artists, and event spaces for them to showcase their work. Our goal is to offer a space for artistic growth where cultural events take place to contribute to Lisbon’s rapid development …

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4NTS Guild

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR“A community building and marketing focussed guild within the NEAR ecosystem dedicated to supporting individuals and projects.”
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