VS Code Extension

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A VS Code extension to help you develop components for NEAR BOS using Visual Studio Code.


  • Retrieve any widget from BOS
  • Change the code and preview the changes locally
  • Publish directly to the NEAR Blockchain
  • See the widget logs in the vscode Debug Console

Extension Overview

How to Use

After installing the extension, a new section named Near BOS will be added to the explorer.

  1. Start Your Workspace


  2. Choose a working directory using the Choose your working folder button.

  3. Retrieve Widgets, Preview, and Develop

    Use the Login & Fetch Widgets to login into your NEAR account and fetch your components, or use the Fetch Account Widgets to get components from any account in NEAR BOS.

    Use the explorer to open any file, and click the Preview button to preview your changes.


The preview is not automatically reloaded, you will need to press the preview button again.
  1. Use the Publish button to store the widget in BOS.
The console.log can be found within the OUTPUT tab, in the Widget Channel.
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