Interacting with a Contract

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Here we enumerate case scenarios, and point to where the documentation is present.

Integrating Contracts into a Web App

If you are developing a website (or a web-app), then you will be using near-api-js to communicate with the blockchain. Go to the website for more information about it.

Command Line Interface

You can use NEAR CLI to automatize tasks from the command line such as:

  • Creating sub-accounts
  • Deploying contracts to them
  • Calling initialization methods

Querying Post Hoc Information

The NEAR Indexer enables you to query information from a deployed contract such as:

  1. Which users called a specific method?
  2. How much money they attached?
  3. How much GAS was used?

It is very useful for analyzing scenarios that happened in the past.

Getting Real Time Information

If you want to track real time information from your contract, then you need the Events framework.

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