Node Data Snapshots

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Before you start running a node, you must first sync with the network. This means your node needs to download all the headers and blocks that other nodes in the network already have. You can speed up this process by downloading the latest data snapshots from a public S3 bucket.

Here are the available snapshots based on node type and network.

Node Type and Network S3 URL
RPC testnet
RPC mainnet
Archival testnet
Archival mainnet

If you’ve initialized the working directory for your node without passing in a preferred location, the default working directory for your node is ~/.near. It is recommended that you wget and untar into a data folder under ~/.near/. The new ~/.near/data is where your node will store historical states and write its state. To use the default location, run the following commands:

$ wget ~/.near/data.tar{mainnet|testnet}/{rpc|archive}/data.tar
$ tar -xf ~/.near/data.tar
$ rm ~/.near/data.tar

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