RPC Providers

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There are multiple RPC providers from which you can choose from. These providers will work as intermediaries to help you interact with the NEAR network.
Each provider is geolocated in different places, and offer different levels of latency. We recommend you to use the official one, but you could potentially
pick a few different ones for redundancy and balancing.

Endpoint Root Provider Documentation
https://rpc.mainnet.near.org NEAR You are there!
https://near-mainnet.infura.io/v3/ Infura https://docs.infura.io/infura/networks/near
https://rpc.dev.gateway.fm/v1/near/ Gateway.fm https://gateway.fm/
https://rpc.ankr.com/near ankr.com https://www.ankr.com/docs/build-blockchain/chains/v2/near/
https://public-rpc.blockpi.io/http/near BlockPi https://chains.blockpi.io/#/near
figment.io https://docs.figment.io/network-documentation/near/rpc-and-rest-api
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