Indexing Solutions on NEAR

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Indexing Solutions on NEAR

Here’s a quick overview of Indexer projects on the NEAR ecosystem:

  • NEAR Indexer Framework: a micro-framework providing you with a "live" stream of blocks. Useful to handle on-chain real-time "events".

  • NEAR Indexer for Explorer: an indexer built on top of the indexer microframework. It watches and stores all events/data from the blockchain to a PostgreSQL database.
    You can clone the GitHub repository and customize your own indexer solution.

  • NEAR Lake Framework: a companion library to NEAR Lake. It allows you to build your own indexer that watches a stream of blocks from a NEAR Lake data source and allows you to create your own logic to process that data. Keep in mind this is probably the one you want to use for future projects, instead of the Indexer Framework. Read why is better.

  • NEAR Lake Indexer: an indexer built on top of the indexer
    microframework. It watches the blockchain and stores all events/data from the blockchain as JSON files on AWS S3 or S3 compatible storage.

  • Multichain Indexer: is an application layer that you can build your NFT or DeFi applications entirely on top of. In addition to raw transaction indexing, provides you with a standardized GraphQL API layer to easily tap into transactions across contracts and chains.

  • Pagoda NEAR Lake: with this fully managed solution by Pagoda Inc., you don’t need to run your own NEAR Lake Nodes and AWS S3 buckets.

  • The Graph: development tools to process blockchain events and make the resulting data easily available via a GraphQL API, known individually as a subgraph. Graph Node is able to process NEAR events, which means that NEAR developers can build subgraphs to index their smart contracts.

  • GetBlock: developer tools offering a simple and reliable API access to multiple blockchains including NEAR Protocol.

  • NearBlocks: build precise & reliable dApps with NearBlocks APIs.

  • NEAR Smart Events: started during METABUILD III hackathon, this tool lets you react to NEAR on-chain complex events, without using code.

  • Octopus Network NEAR Indexer: an indexing solution based on NEAR Lake framework.

  • Covalent: for Aurora EVM indexing, Covalent provides a unified API bringing visibility to billions of Web3 data points.

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