Getting Started

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Development on the NEAR platform happens in two main categories:

Essential Resources

Here’s a quick overview of essential resources you will use when developing on NEAR.

Name Description
Example Projects
NEAR Examples Basic example apps built on NEAR that you can clone and explore.
NEAR Wallet Create and manage accounts & access keys
NEAR Explorer View and inspect transactions taking place on the blockchain
NEAR CLI Command line interface tool to interact with accounts and smart contracts on NEAR
NEAR-API-JS JavaScript library to interact with accounts and smart contracts on NEAR
NEAR-SDK-AS SDK used for developing smart contracts in AssemblyScript
NEAR-SDK-RS SDK used for developing smart contracts in Rust
NEARUP For running a local instance of NEAR

Introductory Workshops

Here are two short introductory workshops (60-90min) for those looking for a more in-depth intro to developing on NEAR.

NEAR 101

[ This workshop ] is designed for traditional web 2.0 developers new to creating decentralized applications. ( 90 min ) Also, If you’re new to NEAR or blockchain in general, be sure to check out "New to NEAR".

NEAR 102

[ This workshop ] is designed for Ethereum developers looking to get started developing on NEAR. ( 60 min )


With create-near-app, you can launch a full-stack "Hello World" app in under five minutes! Try it out by running the following in your terminal (Requires Node.js):

npx create-near-app your-awesome-project

Heads Up!

The command above defaults to a Vanilla JavaScript front-end and an [AssemblyScript]( smart contract. You can also choose to use [React]( for your front end and/or [Rust]( for your smart contract.

– `–frontend=react` – to use React for your front end template
– `–contract=rust` – to use Rust for your smart contract

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