BOS Gateway

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Launching a BOS gateway

Launching your own NEAR BOS gateway instance is a quick and simple process. In this example we’ll be using Vercel to build and deploy a new BOS gateway, but you can also use other platforms.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Clone the near/near-discovery-alpha repository
  2. Sign up on Vercel and import the cloned repository
  3. Setup the project:
    • Any team name
    • Build command: npm run build
    • Output directory: dist
  4. Press Deploy


Click on this link to try it out.


vercel setup

Now just wait a few minutes for Vercel to build the website and enjoy your BOS gateway!

::info Customization

  • If you want to host the gateway on a specific domain you can configure it on Vercel.
  • If you want to change the home page component, modify src/data/widgets.js in your fork to point at different components.
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