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The VM implements caching layer for most network requests. You can leverage it manually by using useCache hook.


The method acts like a hook that takes a promise through a generator function, fetches the data and caches it. The cache is global for the VM, but it’s identified by for given component (by src) for a given dataKey.
It can be used to easily use and cache data from async data sources.

Returns null if the cache is cold and data is fetching, or the previous cached value while the data is being fetched an d, or the new data if the new promise data is different from the old data.

The data is being cached and compared as JSON serialized objects.


param required type description
promiseGenerator required object a function that returns a promise, which generates data.
dataKey required object the unique name (within the current component) to identify the data.
options optional object optional argument.

::info options object

  • subscribe (optional): if true, the data refreshes periodically by invalidating cache.


  • promiseGenerator: you don’t return the promise directly, because it should only be fired once.


const status = useCache(
() =>
asyncFetch(“”).then((res) => res.body),
{ subscribe: true }

return status;

“version”: {
“version”: “1.31.1”,
“build”: “1.31.1”,
“rustc_version”: “1.65.0”
“chain_id”: “mainnet”,
“protocol_version”: 58,
“latest_protocol_version”: 58,
“rpc_addr”: “”,
“validators”: [
“account_id”: “figment.poolv1.near”,
“is_slashed”: false
“account_id”: “staked.poolv1.near”,
“is_slashed”: false
“account_id”: “galaxydigital.poolv1.near”,
“is_slashed”: false
“sync_info”: {
“latest_block_hash”: “ArPXejJYcFEDtU8Ma7tXFPM1pRDDzDSkj1KVBjphVwnw”,
“latest_block_height”: 85795851,
“latest_state_root”: “EXhYFzPLdno6ZNHFr7DSGFWqUSZLSVZj6oP15xUdrmMm”,
“latest_block_time”: “2023-02-22T13:48:47.342467480Z”,
“syncing”: false,
“earliest_block_hash”: “HTrKnWapTNuZwoAeeepeV3deyQcJNg1CeKg4PPR8n9Ah”,
“earliest_block_height”: 85593094,
“earliest_block_time”: “2023-02-19T18:54:15.505365092Z”,
“epoch_id”: “H99thh9tGD8kBwJC5fac83TYGs6W2TTq1Xv3Jqw2VWYv”,
“epoch_start_height”: 85765895
“validator_account_id”: null,
“validator_public_key”: null,
“node_public_key”: “ed25519:BhqHCszVngV2MqJrTVjtcbWNGuLUyqXcXyBuCUt8DK9k”,
“node_key”: null,
“uptime_sec”: 505796

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