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NEAR Bounties

List of all current NEAR Bounties outside of ETHDenver.

ETHDenver Bounties!

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Blue Sky Hack 💙

For teams who build something cool on the NEAR platform or use the Ethneareum Rainbow Bridge. (2 prizes available, $1k each)

NFTs Bounty 🦖

Deploy your own store on Mintbase via the NEAR Testnet, and get creative with use cases! NFTs can be more than just collectibles ~ think multi-purpose NFTs. For example, these non-fungible tokens may give you voting power on a certain website, let your video game character run faster, or give you a real physical object. ($1k prize)


NEAR + Ceramic Bounty 🔶

$500 DAI each for best project that uses both technologies!

NEAR + Textile Bounty ☁️

$500 prize for best project that uses both technologies!


Girl Power Bounty 👧

Your team must have at least 2 womxn or be 50% womxn. You don’t have to build on NEAR, you can build anything you want on any blockchain platform or technology. ($500 prize, 2 available)

Global Citizens Bounty 🌍

We’d like to see teams of people from different places around the world build something cool together. ($500 prize)

Social Impact Bounty ⛑️

This one is for projects who promote social good. Some examples: solutions to help fund ongoing research or open-source development, the creation of on-ramps for those that may not have easy access to crypto, or a DAO that can bring a community together to solve social problems. ($500 prize)

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