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Block Structure


Block is the main entity in NEAR Protocol blockchain. Blocks are produced in NEAR Protocol every second.

It contains the info:

  • about the Block producer (AccountId of the validator responsible for particular Block production)
  • Block Header
  • List of Chunk Headers



“`rust links=1
pub struct BlockView {
pub author: AccountId,
pub header: BlockHeaderView,
pub chunks: Vec,

“`ts links=1
export interface Block {
author: string;
header: BlockHeader;
chunks: ChunkHeader[];


BlockHeaderView contains main info about the block.

pub struct BlockHeaderView {
pub height: BlockHeight,
pub prev_height: Option,
pub epoch_id: CryptoHash,
pub next_epoch_id: CryptoHash,
pub hash: CryptoHash,
pub prev_hash: CryptoHash,
pub prev_state_root: CryptoHash,
pub chunk_receipts_root: CryptoHash,
pub chunk_headers_root: CryptoHash,
pub chunk_tx_root: CryptoHash,
pub outcome_root: CryptoHash,
pub chunks_included: u64,
pub challenges_root: CryptoHash,
/// Legacy json number. Should not be used.
pub timestamp: u64,
pub timestamp_nanosec: u64,
pub random_value: CryptoHash,
pub validator_proposals: Vec,
pub chunk_mask: Vec,
pub gas_price: Balance,
pub block_ordinal: Option,
/// TODO(2271): deprecated.
pub rent_paid: Balance,
/// TODO(2271): deprecated.
pub validator_reward: Balance,
pub total_supply: Balance,
pub challenges_result: ChallengesResult,
pub last_final_block: CryptoHash,
pub last_ds_final_block: CryptoHash,
pub next_bp_hash: CryptoHash,
pub block_merkle_root: CryptoHash,
pub epoch_sync_data_hash: Option,
pub approvals: Vec

“`ts links=1
export interface BlockHeader {
approvals: (string | null)[];
blockMerkleRoot: string;
blockOrdinal: number;
challengesResult: ChallengeResult[];
challengesRoot: string;
chunkHeadersRoot: string;
chunkMask: boolean[];
chunkReceiptsRoot: string;
chunkTxRoot: string;
chunksIncluded: number;
epochId: string;
epochSyncDataHash: string | null;
gasPrice: string;
hash: string;
height: number;
lastDsFinalBlock: string;
lastFinalBlock: string;
latestProtocolVersion: number;
nextBpHash: string;
nextEpochId: string;
outcomeRoot: string;
prevHash: string;
prevHeight: number;
prevStateRoot: string;
randomValue: string;
rentPaid: string;
signature: string;
timestamp: number;
timestampNanosec: string;
totalSupply: string;
validatorProposals: [];
validatorReward: string;

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