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Mintbase has made it easy to use NFTs by removing complex codes. Now, you don’t need to buy cryptocurrency to make or collect NFTs because Mintbase Wallet handles all the fees.

Fans can pick a username that also works as their wallet address, and your collectible item will automatically appear in their account. Then, Mintbase provides many tools to help you create interesting marketing campaigns. Spend less time on ineffective marketing and use our advanced tools to share your true message.

Engage Your Audience: Our token drops catch attention and encourage people to interact, which makes them more excited and active on different platforms.

Identify Your Advocates: Mintbase Drops help you find and develop relationships with loyal fans who can spread the word about your brand.

Seamless Connectivity: Easily reach your audience through social media, email, and messaging apps, making your relationships stronger and your engagements better.

Convert Supporters: Find new ways to make money by offering fans new ways to enjoy your content and products.

What You Need to Start a Drop

  • Create a Wallet Account: Mintbase lets you create a wallet easily. No complicated codes, just a wallet with your name or brand to build trust.
  • Prepare Your Drop: Set up your drop with your content. Your images, titles, and descriptions will show up automatically on social media. Use an interesting title to show the value of your token drop.
  • Promote Your Drop: Share your drop on social media, in email newsletters, and other platforms. Encourage your followers to join and tell others. Track who clicks through from emails, and on social media, see who is most excited to participate.
  • Manage Your Drops: Use Mintbase Wallet’s simple interface to keep track of all your drops in one place. Stay organized and check how successful each drop is.

Next Steps After starting with Mintbase, you can use many tools to keep your audience interested and make money from your content. Look at Mintbase Templates for ideas, or contact us to explore new partnerships and build together.

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