LNC for projects: Beta Testing

There are about 450+ LNC members who participate in Beta testing projects from LNC Barrel and other NEAR Ecosystem projects.

in NEAR tokens

Featured LNC Pro Testers

How it works

Runs on-demand, 3 days long Beta Test sprint, with a goal to provide early feedback to LNC Pro Barrel and other NEAR Ecosystem projects and rewarding participants with NEAR tokens. Up to 20 NEAR per meaningful submission, the rate can vary as per requirements.

Done by HUMANS

LNC Pro testers are real people who loves NEAR and USE NEAR.

Bring Awareness

Test Project is being introduced the entire LNC Community of 38K+ (L)Earners via ALL possible channels – website, Twitter, Discord, email, push notification, and most important – referring to friends.

Fast Reports

Test Sprint reports are ready within 24 hours after sprint is completed.

Tested Projects

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