NEAR Protocol Ecosystem: infrastructure

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NEARSCAN allows you to explore and search the NEAR blockchain for blocks, transactions, accounts.

Calimero Network

Secure private shard infrastructure lets you protect your data while leveraging all the business benefits of open-source blockchains. Built on NEAR Protocol. Easily interact with the public chain or private shards. Fully interoperable cross-contracts calls with the public network and other private shards. Hold and manage public assets, …

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MyNearWallet is taking over the NEAR Wallet codebase to give users of the NEAR ecosystem a better, more secure way to store, buy, send, and stake NEAR assets

Plex Labs

Plex supports projects and businesses to build, manage, understand, and engage with their users – using off and on chain data, with no technical knowledge requirement

NiMEDix Ecosystem

NiMEDix ecosystem is a decentralized healthcare App built on the NEAR protocol blockchain, to provide on-demand access to quality healthcare services, improve quality and reduce cost of care, provide health insurance services.
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